Models and molds from experienced experts

CNC milling works are done on 3D milling machine with job site 2000x3000x600mm.

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What is the first step in model or mould production?

In order for the intelligent machines of ESTEXPRESS to know what is expected of them, high-quality drawings are required. Files in the universal .igs, .stp, .x_t, .dwg, or .dxt format are perfectly suitable as basis for work. If these are not available, please submit 2D views of the model or mould for the creation of 3D drawings. If these are lacking as well, we need a photo or a free hand drawing with approximate dimensions. After some contemplation, the drawing in the necessary format will be ready in our computer. After you have revised it and made the necessary corrections, the manufacture of the model or mould can begin.

How much does it cost to create a drawing of a model or mould?

Creation of 3D and 2D drawings takes place on an hourly rate basis: €30 + VAT.

How long does it take to manufacture a model or mould?

There is no single estimate for model or mould production period, since everything depends on the work complexity, dimensions, materials used, and finishing quality required. On one hand, our machines have produced models in only a couple of hours. On the other, some moulds have kept three men busy for two weeks. This is also the reason why we cannot post a price list for models or moulds. However, we enjoy our work and are thus always prepared to do our best and have our customers’ orders ready on time even if the orders were submitted a few days late.

What is our competitive edge in the manufacture of models and moulds?

The strongest advantage of ESTEXPRESS is the ability to produce large-scale models and moulds owing to the high Z-axis stroke of our equipment – all up to 600 mm high components are manufactured in one piece, which ensures close compliance of the model or mould with the drawings. If you need models or moulds higher than 600 mm, we will manufacture these in several layers and join the layers afterwards. Since the CNC milling machine and software understand each other perfectly, the joints of separate layers usually need no follow-up treatment or levelling.