Models and molds from experienced experts

CNC milling works are done on 3D milling machine with job site 2000x3000x600mm.

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Many of us have been bothered by plastic packages impossible to open without scissors or some other sharp tool. However, have you ever wondered how the packages so durable and safe for manufacturers, handlers and customers are produced? The production is preceded by creation of moulds by CNC 3D milling, which are used by the package manufacturers for creation of packages of the required shape by vacuum forming. Once again, advertising agencies are active users of vacuum forming services, creating three-dimensional plastic logos, illuminated signs, etc.

Although ESTEXPRESS is not directly involved in provision of vacuum forming services, owing to our extensive experience in the field of mould and model production, we have established good co-operation relations with almost all vacuum forming service providers in our region. Because of this, we are certainly capable of offering good advice to anyone interested in vacuum forming. We are well aware of our co-operation partners’ capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses. We will gladly suggest the best solution or offer ‘turnkey’ services in co-operation with our partners in the field.